Our Story

The world is changing and seeking connection for our spiritual root is becoming a lifestyle once again. Why not express it and make it a fashion statement in a eco friendly way?

We wanted to create a brand that can really compliment everything in the field of Healthy-living and that is how “Deivid Catori was born”


We promise to deliver high quality products at a reasonable price.

Also my personal mission is to find away to help all the less fortunate children across the world, since they need a hand to hold on to.

How Deivid Catori was formed?

The main reason I had to manifest and present Deivid Catori (Beloved Spirit) to the world, it’s because I am a true believer that the universe knows the perfect time when to send for your calling, and that everything in life happens for a reason. All the pieces to the puzzle in my life cannot be a coincidence, but more of a reminder of my soul purpose.  I have always been in tuned with mother Earths beautiful hypnotic rhythm ever since a child, and now I truly understand the value of our planets  physical properties like precious Gemstones , Metals and all Natural wood. All these elements combined are proven to be very beneficial for spiritual grounding, stability and strength. So my mission is to help raise awareness, and slowly heal the world one day at a time by decorating the soul that inhabits our God given body. Peace Love & Light!


The benefits of Earth’s Natural Gemstones aren’t talked about much in the mainstream media, but online communities, articles and research reveal a world that makes you wonder why they’re not talked about more!

Invest in your health

When you begin to really invest in your health, different avenues and options can open up to you and it can benefit each of these areas of your life in some way.